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    Robert Brown Landscape Irrigation offers these tips when selecting an irrigation contractor.

System Warranty - Is there a warranty? Does it cover materials and labor?

After-sale service - Is an extended warranty available? Are there specific manufacturer warranties that extend beyond the contractor's warranty period?

System maintenance - What routine service will be necessary? Can the contractor train you to perform some of this?

Back flow prevention equipment - What type of back flow prevention device is being used on the system? Does it comply with local ordinances?

Insurance - Does the contractor have liability insurance? What is YOUR liability if damage occurs to underground utilities in your property or if a contractor's employee is injured on your property?

Plans for the system - Will you inspect and understand the plans for the project?

Professionalism - Is the contractor a member of any professional associations?

Changes - How will changes in the plans, initiated by either you or the contractor, be agreed upon and paid for?

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Robert Brown Landscape Irrigation provides the following services to Residential & Commercial customers:

  • We will design and install a complete or partial landscape irrigation system on your property. Our installation team will carefully and professionally install the system in a timely fashion, providing minimum disruption to your existing landscape.

  • We will design and install a professional landscape lighting system that accentuates the beauty of your home, upgrades property value & provides nighttime security.

  • We will trouble-shoot and repair any part of an existing irrigation and or lighting system for residential or commercial customers.

  • We offer a re-design service which makes up about 35% of our buisness, where we can take your existing system which might not have been designed correctly or your landscaping has changed and turn it into a properly designed and efficient water conserving system.

  • We also offer a quarterly irrigation maintenance service where we come out and run through the whole irrigation and or lighting system and make needed repairs to keep the system operating at peak performance which conserves water and energy.

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