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    Robert Brown Landscape Irrigation Uses products from Industries, the leading manufacturer of high quality & long lasting irrigation products. Some of the more commonly used products are:

Rotors - The PGP, Hunter Industries flagship product is the leading seller for large lawns and comes with a 2 year factory warranty. The Hunter I-20 has a 5 year factory warranty.

Sprays - Hunter offers a wide variety of spray sprinklers with varying coverage radii and body heights. Sprays are ideal for small to medium sized lawns and a majority of smaller landscape areas with plants & flowers.

Valves - Valves control the flow of water to the sprinkler system. Hunter valves are of very high quality and insure a leak proof and even flow of water.

Controller - The controller is the brains of the system, determining how often & for how long watering takes place. High quality Hunter controlers are computer controlled and can be programmed to a huge variety of settings.

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Irrigation Systems

Here at RBLI we take great pride in doing the job right. As a professional irrigation contractor with over 30 years of expierience at installing, repairing and troubleshooting irrigation systems. We are capable of taking care of any irrigation needs you might have.


At RBLI we believe in investing the extra time to stay up on all the latest education in irrigation technology. We are certified in landscape irrigation auditing by the Irrigation Association. Certified in lanscape irrigation managing by the California Land Contractors Association. We are also award winning design reciepients.


  1. A carefully designed system incorporating: System design capacity (Maximum flow and pressure), code-required backflow prevention device, manufacturer recommended sprinkler valve and pipe size layout.
  2. A sprinkler system incorporating effective and efficient operation including: Head-to-Head coverage 100%, Matched precipitation nozzles, Separate zones for spray and rotors heads, Optimum operating pressure, Recommendations to suit your soil and plant type.
  3. Instructions on the operation of: Your automatic controller, adjusting your sprinkler and operating system "run times" to suit seasonal changes.
  4. Excellent warranty: Included with your installation is a 100% One-Year warranty provided by RBLI. We are available for our customers 7 days a week.

BASIC IRRIGATION SYSTEMS INCLUDE: Rotary heads for all lawn areas, separate zones of pop-up or sprays heads for landscape areas, drip system when required, appropriate back-flow prevention approved by your town or village, rain sensor, control valves; minimum valve size 1", Irrigation pipe 1" or bigger as system requires, an easily operated digital control timer.

A Water-efficient sprinkler system, proper installed using high quality professional equipment is a great investment. It will provide years of trouble free operation, adding value to your property and maximizing the beauty of your landscape.

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